Saturday, October 16, 2010

Benefits of Sauna & Steam Rooms

Sweating should not be avoided or considered gross, it can make you beautiful and keep you Healthy!
The steam room helps the body eliminate toxins by forcing them out through your pores in the form of sweat. The skin will be cleaner, softer, and healthier; an exfoliating scrub can used in the steam room to remove the outer layer of dead skin

Sweating helps your body do some very important things, first it helps regulate body temperature and second it helps your body rid itself of toxins and waste material.

Sweat contains most of the same elements as urine; which is why the skin has been referred to as the third kidney, because as much as 30% of bodily wastes can be eliminated through perspiration.

Things like Anti-perspirants, harmful environment toxins, smog, synthetic clothing, and a sedentary lifestyle all help clog up your skin pores and block the healthy flow of sweat.

Steam or sauna’s sometimes referred to as sweat bathing assists in preventing or reversing the damaging side effects of toxins that enter the body thru these types of circumstances. A steam room has a physiological effect on the body that is similar to that of a sauna. A steam opens up the pores, increases the metabolism, elevates the heart rate, and the body begins to sweat. After working out, the steam room can help to keep the body muscles feel relaxed and flexible, and keep lactic acid from building up. A steam room can help to reduce joint pain and the symptoms of arthritis.

Steam rooms are also very helpful for people who suffer from asthma and respiratory conditions. Although the dry heat of a sauna is sometimes too intense for the lungs to handle, and the gentler moist heat of a steam room helps to relax and open up the lungs and bronchial tubes.

To steam safely, you should take a warm shower before entering the steam room. Stay seated in the steam room for up to 15 minutes before exiting to cool off with room temperature air and cool water in the form of a shower or plunge. (Jumping in a cool pool feels invigorating!) Allowing the body to return to a normal temperature before returning to the steam room, and do not steam more than three times in one session. Be sure to consume lots of water throughout the process and you should listen to your body and exit if you feel dizzy, nauseous, or uncomfortable at any point. As a steam room is not healthy for some medical conditions, a doctor should be consulted before using one.

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